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Welcome to the Markiplier Manor Wiki

Additional information

This is The Official Markiplier Manor Wiki as put together by community members across the entire Markiplier Manor. Although we have not been granted official status by Markiplier (The Creator) himself, we are calling ourselves official due to the community effort surrounding the creation and maintenance of this wiki.

Here you will find information and lore surrounding each room within Markiplier Manor, also known as Markiplier's official Discord server which was put into service on Feb 6 2018.

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Markiplier launched his official Discord server on the morning of Feb 6 2018, shortly after 9:00am EST (14:00 GMT) by tweeting out an invite. Since the server launch, he has tweeted 3 additional invites on February 8th, again on February 10th and one more time on October 31st 2018. The invites were only valid for a short time and anyone who missed the invite was unable to join the server after the invite closed.

Each time an invite was opened, the Discord server would get flooded with users, resulting in subsequent disruption from the waves of people joining and the slowing down/unresponsiveness of the server. However, the biggest impact was with the Screaming Room Invite posted on February 10th (this followed the posting of Mark’s “Screaming Room” video) with over 75,000 users joining (bringing the total amount of members to roughly 122,000 and practically tripling the size of the server) causing users to experience all kinds of issues including lag, frequent disconnects, and hours to pass by without being able to rejoin the server after they've logged off. Most of those issues have been solved, with the amount of online users ranging from 10,000-20,000 at the same time. There is currently a maximum cap of 20,000 online members in the server. Additional glitches have shown up in the form of disappearing user lists, user tags being incomplete or tagging the wrong users, incorrect colouring of usernames, and the loss of indication when someone is typing. These issues haven't been seen recently, but they may occur again when a new invite is released.

The server is named Markiplier Manor, and each channel is named according to various rooms and features commonly within a house, such as the basement, the backyard and the living room. The users are known as his kids and Markiplier is known as "The Creator" in some of the manor lore.

Each room has formed its own separate community, with users taking on many community roles such as council member, community leader, security, cook, and more. People will RP with characters they've created specifically for the manor, or outside the server, and each room has developed its own lore with ongoing story. Rooms have gone to war with each other, formed alliances, and delivered goods and services to the rest of the manor as well.

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List of Rooms in and Around the Manor

Users and Chat Room Activity

The chatrooms within Markiplier Manor are regularly active, and the amount of people shown as online according to Discord has risen to 20,000 or above a few times. On average there are around 13,000-17,000 listed as online. However, the amount of people actually chatting and active in the chat will usually be much lower than that.

At any given moment there will be at least some kind of activity in any one of the text based chat rooms, or in one of the many Voice Chat (VC) rooms. Markiplier himself has used a VC to talk with his "children" a couple of times. Many of the VC’s will have users talking, playing music, singing, or telling jokes. Shortly before the Screaming Room Video invite, he created additional text and voice chat rooms, including the popular Screaming Room which was highlighted in the invite video as Markiplier's way of encouraging chaos on Discord.

The chat rooms have formed their own separate communities with regulars hanging out in specific rooms all day. Many of the rooms within the manor feature ongoing roleplay (RP) between members of that room, and such RP has resulted in each room having their own lore, or ongoing story which is being added to every day. Members will interact with other rooms within RP and become part of each others canon. There have been ongoing trade agreements between rooms, as well as peaceful negotiations, treaties/pacts, and all-out war with casualties.

There have also been plenty of wandering groups who never really settled into a room such as the cleaning crew. the most notable of these would be the Jims who used to be a huge cult that took over VCs, different rooms, spread messages and had meetings in the bowling alley.

Server Issues and Stability

By the time the Screaming Room Video invite was sent out, the Discord service had already been experiencing issues with bandwidth or server resources from the combined previous invites. The issues weren't terribly bad until the Saturday invite went live, and Discord servers were flooded with more than 70,000 people attempting to get into the server before the invite closed. This crippled the Discord server and may have also impacted other servers on the platform as well.

This invite resulted in several instances of Discord purposely disconnecting all users at the same time while they worked out whatever issues they could. Many people who could initially get into the server found that their client was reporting server issues, even though others were on the server, but they were also experiencing their own problems. Latency issues resulted in messages taking several minutes to be received by other Discord clients. Discord eventually disabled the typing presence which shows when one or multiple people were typing messages to the channel, and many times the list of server members would disappear, or the colour assigned to their role would disappear making their username return to its standard white colour. In addition, server glitches would cause previously locked rooms such as #the-bathroom to become unlocked, allowing anyone to look in without accepting that they would be visiting an NSFW room.

Although the server issues aren't as bad as they were immediately following the invite, issues still remained for awhile, and the Markiplier Manor server still had many of the same problems during heavy load times, including the inability for many people to connect to the server for several hours until later at night in the US. The times of heaviest loads seem to be between 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT) and 22:00 EST (03:00 GMT).

During these times, many people were unable to connect to the server, or those who could connect would find that they'd get disconnected after a few minutes during the heaviest use. The disappearing user lists and colours, as well as chat lag, and issues where clients are sometimes unable to leave a VC, were the most common to those who are able to remain online.

It's also been discovered that Discord may be expiring session IDs sooner than normal, either seconds after it expects a heartbeat from the client, or if a client's connection is too laggy. This has resulted in the majority of mobile users to be unable to connect to the server, while some of those on the PC/Mac/Linux/Web clients will be able to connect easily. Discord also seems to be letting some clients connect back to the server sooner than others. In one example, a client who was waiting "in line" to connect, was surpassed by another client who had loaded the program up just seconds before. It is not currently known what method Discord is using to determine what users are allowed back onto the server at this time.

These issues were resolved over time. As of July 11th, 2018, the server hasn't experienced issues in months.

Markiplier's Manor Madness

below, you can find some crazy, innovative ideas made up by the community the people would love Markiplier to execute on the server. Including manor specific games and suggestions for a better server.

Some people have talked about an upgrade called

designed to bring new activity to the chat room.

other discord regulars have also created several crazy games that you can play inside the manor. People have even discussed, the creation of a new room called the arcade specifically for playing all kinds of crazy games, both made up specifically for the discord, and stuff like Cards Against Humanities and Town of Salem. there are even many wacky discord bots that could be added to this room in order to make it an even funner room. read more about these games and the arcade in the link below

Latest Activity

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